About Me


My Background

From my earliest memory, its always been about art.  While all the girls my age were playing with dolls, I was playing art gallery.  Now I exhibit and teach at the Main Avenue Galleria in Ocean Grove, teach at Bright Zebra and I'm currently working on writing and illustrating children's books.


My Medium

I use many different mediums, including papers, paint, material or pretty much whatever I can get my hands on to make my art look more interesting.  I love to use different papers as a backdrop to my art.  I love discovering and exploring new mediums.


My Inspiration

For me, inspiration is everywhere.  My children inspire me to not take things so seriously and to see the beauty in everyday life.  Inspiration can be found anywhere, once I thought of  a new children's book story while gazing at trees at a gas station.  I never know when my next idea will hit.  That's what I love most about being an artist. 

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